Tide Cleaners in Milwaukee

There's so much to see and do in Milwaukee, from catching a Brewers game at Miller Park to checking out one of Elvis Presley’s classic motorcycles at the Harley-Davidson Museum to enjoying the surroundings at Milwaukee's Lakefront.

Before you can get out there and enjoy all that Milwaukee has to offer, you're going to want to make sure you look presentable first. 

That's precisely why having your laundry done on a regular basis is so important. The thing is, doing laundry is time-consuming. You've got better things to do than to spend your precious time in front of a washing machine trying to get your clothes clean.

The good news is, there are services available that are more than willing to take that extra chore off your plate. One such service in Milwaukee that's paving the way to a more innovative means of doing laundry is Tide Cleaners.

How Does Tide Clean Works for Consumers?

If you're someone who lives in a multi-family community, such as an apartment or condo, you're likely used to dragging your laundry down to the laundry facility on-site to wash your clothing and garments or you have to leave home to drop off your dry cleaning off miles away. Hauling your laundry to the room and sitting there waiting for it to be done can be a drag. Then, there are other hurdles to overcome, such as needing to drop off your dry cleaning during business hours and having to time your pick up.

You can avoid these hassles thanks to Tide Cleaners. With Tide lockers installed on the premises, all you need to do is place your laundry or dry cleaning in a bag, toss it into a designated locker, notify us of the locker number and any special cleaning instructions using our mobile app, and wait for us to alert you of when your laundry is done and where you can pick it up 24/7.

How easy and convenient does that sound? Download the Tide Cleaners app today and tap into clean laundry and more free time!

How Does Tide Cleaners Work for Property Managers?

If you're a property manager who manages a multi-family housing community, you might find Tide Cleaners lockers installed on-site just as useful to you as to the residents.

Tide Cleaners on-site enables you to provide your residents with a premium laundry service right at their fingertips. Installation of Tide Cleaners laundry lockers is free and the lockers require no electricity to maintain and no other maintenance on your part. 

As a turnkey laundry solution, Tide Cleaners relieves some of your stress and helps you make your residents happy, satisfied, and willing to remain a part of your community for the long haul. Some property managers have found that residents are even potentially willing to pay more in rent to have this type of premium amenity conveniently available to them 24/7.

If that sounds good to you, feel free to complete and submit an easy online form, and Tide Cleaners will have lockboxes installed on your premises soon. Fill out the online form and join the waitlist for Milwaukee today!

Life, Not Laundry

We have a mantra that we firmly believe in at Tide Cleaners: life, not laundry. We don't want to you spend time slaving over your laundry when you could be doing something more enjoyable in the great city of Milwaukee.

For property managers, we want to help you satisfy your residents and make running the property a bit easier for you and your staff. With Tide Cleaners lockboxes and our handy app, we can help make life a little better for everyone.

Download the Tide Cleaners app and try out Milwaukee's premier laundry service: Tide Cleaners!

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