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What Can You Expect to Pay for Dry Cleaning in Nashville?

June 19, 2019


Despite your best efforts, sometimes you just run out of time to carry out some of the everyday chores and tasks that need to get done, including laundry. Other times, certain garments, materials, and stains warrant the attention of a professional dry cleaner with the know-how and equipment required to safely and effectively clean your clothing and household goods.


That's why having a nearby dry cleaner available to tackle these jobs can be incredibly convenient. Such services aren't free, of course. They come at a cost, and some dry cleaners charge more (or less) than others. Shopping around with various dry cleaners in Nashville can help you determine where the best prices are.


Not only is the price an important factor to consider when choosing a dry cleaning service, but the service itself needs to be high-quality. After all, it wouldn't be worth saving a few bucks if that means your garments will come back in worse shape than when you sent them in for cleaning.


A Look at Nashville Dry Cleaning Prices


What can you expect to pay for dry cleaning in Nashville? The price of dry cleaning across the city of Nashville ranges quite a bit from one location to another. Even if the services provided are virtually the same, the prices are sometimes vastly different.



The Tide Cleaners team did some research to help you get an idea of how much you can expect to pay to have your dry cleaning done in the city. Here's what we found.


Item: Suit Jacket

Low price: 7.95
High price: 21.10


Item: Blazer
Low price:6.50
High price:13.86


Item: Dress
Low price: 7.95
High price: 19.10


Item: Shirt
Low price: 3.50
High price: 12.95


Item: Blouse
Low price: 6.40
High price: 12.95


Item: Pants
Low price: 6.75
High price: 12.95


Item: Sweater
Low price: 6.75
High price: 20.51


Item: Coat
Low price: 6.40
High price: 35.02


Item: Tie
Low price: 13.30
High price: 16.20


Item: Comforter
Low price: 17.50
High price: 72.90


Item: Vest
Low price: 6.40
High price: 11.14


Item: Wash and fold per pound
Low price: .99
High price: 3.00


As you can see, there's quite a significant gap between prices for each item from one dry cleaner to another. In some cases, the price difference is over $50! That's why comparison shopping can help you determine where the more affordable prices are. Just be sure that you're not compromising quality in the name of saving a few dollars.


Tide Cleaners: A Better Solution


Running around town in search of the cheapest, highest-quality dry cleaner can take a lot of time. Instead, there's one dry cleaner in Nashville that offers competitive prices, impeccable dry cleaning and laundry services, and incredible convenience, too: Tide Cleaners.


In many cases, the prices at Tide Cleaners in Nashville are less expensive than the lowest price identified on the list above. In others, Tide Cleaners' prices fall somewhere in the mid-range. For instance, suit jackets, shirts, and tie dry cleaning prices at Tide Cleaners in Nashville are under the lowest prices listed above.


In finer multi-family communities across Nashville, residents have 24/7 access to Tide Cleaners lockers, where they can drop off and pick up their clothing on their own schedule. The user-friendly Tide Cleaners app makes it easy for residents to conveniently leave their laundry in an assigned locker, submit specific instructions on the app, and receive notification when their laundry or dry cleaning is ready. 


It doesn't get any easier or more convenient than that.


Easy, always accessible, and affordable, Tide Cleaners service and prices are tough to beat! If Tide Cleaners is in your building, download the Tide Cleaners app today and leverage the power of Tide for your laundry needs.



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