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October 12, 2018


Did you know Pressbox by Tide has 24/7 dry cleaning stores in Chicago?

What a gift for the weeks that feel like they have two Mondays.


Customers place their dirty clothes inside one of Pressbox’s public lockers. They notify Pressbox through a phone app, and in about two days, they get their dry cleaning delivered right back to the lockers.


These lockers can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — as opposed to the 9-5 dry cleaner down the street.


If you're searching for a dry cleaner near you in Lincoln Park, we have a location at 1123 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60614.


If you're in Lakeview we have a location at 2936 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60657.


You can find a locker near you by searching your Zip code at https://www.usepressbox.com/locations/chicago/.


It’s all pretty easy to use. Here’s the rundown so that you never have to force an inconvenient trip to the dry cleaner again:


First, you create an account online at usepressbox.com or download the phone app. Follow all the instructions to set up your account. 


Once you’re done, start filling up a bag with your dirty clothes, then head to any of Pressbox’s public lockers.


Find an unlocked locker and put your clothes inside. Lock the box by pressing any four-digit combination on the number pad outside of the locker. Find the locker box number.


Then, get on your Pressbox app and send them your box number. Include special instructions. Maybe you need a coffee stain addressed, or perhaps you need a button replaced on your favorite cardigan. Don’t be shy; put it all down.


And that’s it. Pressbox will take care of the rest. 


The app lets you track your order. You’d probably have to call your traditional dry cleaner for that, with no real-time tracking information. Pressbox will send you an itemized receipt, and they will also reach out if there are items needing special care.


Once your order is done, Pressbox will let you know and identify the box that’s holding your clean clothes. Find your box number and use the security code that Pressbox sends you to open the locker.


If you get your order in by 8 a.m., it will typically take two days for Pressbox to complete you order. 


Not bad, right? 


Of all the stressful things you’ll face during the week, don’t let a time-consuming trip to the dry cleaner be one of them.

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