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Never Do Laundry Again

June 12, 2018


This post was a Tide Spin post. Tide Spin has now merged with Pressbox to create Tide Cleaners.


“I love spending my Sundays doing laundry,” said nobody ever in the history of laundry doers. Let’s face it. Everything about doing laundry is awful, especially if you don’t have a washer and dryer unit in your living space.


It’s been coined Laundry Day for a reason, because many times the miserable process of dragging your smelly laundry bag for blocks, lugging around heavy slimy bottles of detergent and battling over the one open dryer at the laundromat takes nearly an entire day to complete.


But, what if it could be different? What if you never had to scream the phrase “laundromat near me” to Siri ever again upon discovering that every unit in your go-to laundromat is taken? What if the laundromat came to you, picked up your dirty laundry and returned it to you spick-and-span? What if… you never had to do laundry again?  


Never do laundry again with Tide Spin.


Tide Spin is an easy-to-use laundry and dry cleaning service that is revolutionizing the way Americans (and eventually the world) does laundry.


After recognizing how much of a pain it was for hard working folks in big cities to find time to do laundry, we developed a streamlined process that utilizes the most popular*  laundry cleaning products in the U.S. (Tide and Downy) and cleaning processes developed by some of Procter & Gamble’s 800+ global R&D scientists.


Simply put –– we place the love and care into doing your laundry that only your momma could understand and we combine that with science and technology for an innovative laundry service that will blow your mind.


Sold? You should be. Here’s how it works


Hands-Off Laundry Cleaning in 3 Easy Steps


"I've tried 3 laundry services prior to Tide Spin and it's like going from cart-and-horse to a Ferrari"


– Cherie G. (Google Review from one happy customer with a cool name)


The process is uber-simple. You begin by wearing your clothes and making them dirty. Don’t pull any punches here. If you have to, roll around in some mud, we want to show you what we are capable of.


Once you have a bag of dirty laundry ready for pick up, you download our easy-to-use laundry app and choose a time and place you want us to swing by and pick up your clothes.


We pick them up and care for them like they are our very own. We sort them… we clean them… we sing to them… if their owners have allergies or sensitive skin we use unscented Tide and Downy on them… and finally we fold and package up your laundry to make sure it is 100% to your liking. Oh, and we just charge you $1.59/ lb.


To never do laundry again, simply follow this pretty red link which will tell you everything you need to know about Tide Spin. Or, you can check out some additional information below.


*based on U.S. sales


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