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Meet the Team: Nirav Amin (Chief Operations Officer)

February 5, 2018

This post was a Tide Spin post. Tide Spin has now merged with Pressbox to create Tide Cleaners.


How did you come about working for Tide Spin?  


I’d say it was combination of luck and…..well mostly luck :).  A friend reached out and suggested I meet the CEO, David.  More than an interview, it turned out to be a great discussion on how this product could work.  From there it was pretty easy to figure out that I wanted to be a part of this team.  (I think David would say the same)


What were you doing before this?


I dabbled in a few different things on the side, but my main gig was in Supply Chain consulting, most recently working for a company that consulted for McDonald’s Europe group.  With that I was living in Germany at the time as well, so visiting other European cities was definitely a regular thing.


Any entrepreneurial ventures of your own?


I’ve ventured into a few different paths, the biggest of which were an wedding planning business and helping to run a code school in Austin TX. With both, it was more about following my passions first and then figuring out what needed to be done.  Ultimately I learned that always having a plan was key.  At the same time, things wouldn’t fully go the way I had planned.  Learning from both the successes and the pitfalls was essential in moving forward.  There was no such thing as the start and end to a day.  It was more like always thinking about the business, while mixing in some non-business time.  Ultimately I ended up closing both down, but with everything I learned and experienced, I have no regrets.


What’s your role at Tide Spin and what do you do on a daily basis?


My job is to serve as the Head of Operations.  This means I manage the policies and procedures we follow to ensure that our end-to-end processes are in line to deliver the experience our customers expect.  Operations covers both our pickup/delivery side as well as our customer experience.  I was lucky enough to join Tide Spin from day 1, so having a hand in building this service from the start has been a privilege.  We take a lot of pride in our quality at Tide and set high standard to exceed customers expectations.  


What do you like about working at Tide Spin?


The people are my favorite part about working at Tide Spin.  I’ve never had a job that I’ve enjoyed consistently for as long as I have here.  It’s the people that make that possible.  I don’t feel like I’m going to a job with co-workers, I feel like I’m going to be with family.


What’s are some of the ways you enjoy Life Over Laundry?


I like to check out the famous food scene of Chicago when I have the chance, hang out with friends and have board game nights, and spend time with my family out in the suburbs when I can.  Recently I’ve gotten into more reading and podcasts.  You can never learn too much in life!


Besides Tide Spin, any other Life Hacks you do?


Just like any other person, I Lyft :).  I also use Instacart for my groceries and Postmates for my food deliveries.  


Quick Hits:

  • Favorite Movie? Usual Suspects

  • Favorite Sports Team? Chicago Cubs

  • Favorite Musician(s)? Anyone who plays Jazz

  • Favorite Chicago restaurant? Whisk

  • Hidden Talents: I can sing classic bollywood songs.  But you have to come to the Amin household to see that.

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