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How Much Does It Cost to Install Tide Cleaners in My Building?

June 21, 2019

Managing property can be tricky. You have to provide amenities that will help you attract and retain residents while keeping your costs down. What if there were a premium amenity that you could offer your residents that would add value to their units without costing you a fortune in installation, maintenance, and other overhead? Tide Cleaners can offer you just that kind of amenity. Here's how it works and why it might be the right choice for your building. 





Tide Cleaners is a drop-off and pickup service for dry cleaning and other laundry. The laundry isn’t done on your premises, so you don’t need to worry about installing machines or handling money. The only installation needed at your building is the lockers. 


The lockers are about 15 inches wide, and you’ll need to provide about 45 inches of space per 100 units in your building. However, the installation is free for you. Just schedule the installation with Tide Cleaners, and they’ll do the rest. 




How It Works for Residents


Your residents will make an account using an app that they can install on their mobile phones. They’ll be able to drop off their dry cleaning and laundry in the drop box and place their order using the app. 


From there, Tide Cleaners will pick up their laundry. They’ll handle the dry cleaning or washing and drying, taking care to follow any special instructions, use premium laundry products, and handle clothes carefully. When the laundry is finished, they’ll drop it off in the locker and let the resident know they can pick it up when they’re ready. This gives your residents the freedom to focus on things other than laundry and dry cleaning and provides a convenient way to drop off and pick up their clothing. 


Tide Cleaners Makes It Easy


Tide Cleaners knows that you have a job to do, and while they’re allowing your residents to focus on their own lives instead of their laundry, they’re also giving you the freedom to focus on your work instead of worrying about laundry. Tide Cleaners handles all of the work – not just the installation, but also the resident engagement and communication. Tide Cleaners is a hassle-free way to give your residents the kind of amenity they’ll be willing to pay a premium for. 


You can trust that Tide Cleaners will take good care of your residents and your laundry, leaving you free to deal with the other aspects of managing a building and residents. Tide Cleaners uses no utilities on the property and doesn’t cost you anything. It can only add value. 


No matter who your residents are, it’s a sure thing that they have to do laundry. So why not offer them an easier, better way to get it done with no cost to you? Give your residents the luxury of Tide Cleaners at your property.

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