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Eco-friendly Dry Cleaning

June 8, 2018

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Eco-friendly Dry Cleaning


When we think of pollution, we think of paper that could have been recycled but instead ends up in the landfill. We think of toxic fumes and smoke released from the massive chimneys of factories. We think of tangly plastic that takes the lives of innocent sea creatures. But, rarely do we ever think of a trip to the dry cleaner.


Yet, ironically, clean clothes doesn’t always equate to a clean Earth. In fact, the humans and animals on our planet may be affected every time we dry clean a dress shirt or business suit for an upcoming meeting or conference.


Here at Tide Spin we take eco-friendly dry cleaning very seriously and partner with GreenEarth, a cleaning company that specializes in a kinder pollutant-free clean. We love them so much we use them at all of our dry cleaners. But, before we delve deeper into this partnership, let’s first discuss why dry cleaning can be toxic to the environment.  


What Exactly Is so Toxic About Dry Cleaning?


Dry cleaning itself isn’t toxic, what’s toxic is the chemicals used in dry cleaning. Contrary to common belief, dry cleaning isn’t actually “dry”.


While yes, it’s a cleaning method that doesn’t require water, most dry cleaners use a liquid solvent called perchloroethylene –– which is a degreaser and helps remove stains from your clothes. Unfortunately, perchloroethylene is considered a toxic air pollutant by the Environmental Protection Agency and is believed to cause cancer in both humans and animals.


So, while you get nice clean clothes when your dry cleaner soaks them in perchloroethylene… it may have a dirty impact on the environment around you. Fortunately, here at Tide Spin, we take a different approach to the dry cleaning service we offer.


Why We Choose GreenEarth®  For Eco-friendly Dry Cleaning


In recent comparisons made by the SGS, an independent company that is a global leader in ensuring quality and integrity, GreenEarth’s silicon-based dry cleaning is nearly identical to perchloroethylene in dry cleaning performance without being toxic on people and the environment… which is exactly why we chose them to provide eco-friendly dry cleaning.


As the only one of the few eco-friendly environmentally non-toxic solvents available today, GreenEarth allows us to give our customers clean clothes while helping to protect and maintain a cleaner Earth, which in our minds is the best of both worlds.


If you’re interested in learning more about GreenEarth and the amazing things they’re doing to help protect the environment, you can check out their website here. Otherwise, if you would like to get started with Tide Spin® and get cleaner clothes picked-up and delivered right to you while helping to save the planet, download our dry cleaning app and get started today with our dry cleaning service. In just five minutes you’ll never have to search dry cleaner near me again.


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Eco-friendly Dry Cleaning

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