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The clothes that you wear to work out are clothes that have to hold up under some specific conditions that can be very tough on fabrics. While clothes designed for working out are usually designed to hold up under tough conditions, they still need to be cleaned and cared for properly. 

Failing to take care of your workout clothes can shorten their lifespan. You also d...

There are a number of reasons why an apartment fitness center is an amenity that appeals to so many residents. Busy residents may be able to more easily find time to work out if they don’t have to travel to a gym that’s out of their way. Residents can also save money on gym fees if they get access to a fitness center with their apartment. 

If you play your cards right...

It takes a lot to maintain a household. From cooking and cleaning to getting the laundry done, each day seems filled with chores. Have you considered ways to take one of those time-intensive chores out of the equation?

Laundry and dry cleaning services can take one chore off your plate and give you hours of extra time each week. Many people fail to take advantage of w...

If you’re like most renters, rent takes up a significant portion of your income. That’s why it’s important to choose a place that really appeals to you and gives you what you want out of living space. 

For many renters, that means more than just your apartment. The amenities that come with your property were probably a large part of what made you choose your current b...

This quick guide to pre-treating stains will keep your clothes looking great and lasting longer.

Lost buttons. Stuck zippers. Split seams. These are just some of the common annoyances that can occur in your wardrobe, not to mention hems that need to be raised up or let down or seams that need to be taken in or let out. 

If you’re like many people, you probably have a growing “to sew” pile of clothes somewhere in your house. What if you aren’t that great with a ne...

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