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Clothes are expensive. Sure, it’s important to be able to buy new clothes when you need to, but you want to get the most out of those clothes when you do buy them. While the quality of the clothes that you buy does contribute to how long they’ll last, how you take care of your clothes is what really counts when it comes to expanding their lifespan. 

Take a look at som...

There is nothing as frustrating as trying to find a piece of clothing or any accessory that is buried in a messy and disorganized closet. But closet organization is about more than just being able to find your clothes more easily. It’s also about protecting your clothing. 

When your closet is disorganized, clothes wind up on the floor getting creased, wrinkled, and po...

As a property manager, your job is a multi-faceted one. You've got plenty of hats to wear, and all the tasks that you've got on your plate can really eat up much of your precious time. To run things efficiently, you've got to have a strategy in place that ensures that you use your time wisely, and part of that strategy involves making use of handy tools available to...

Keeping your clothes in good shape isn’t all about how you wear and wash them. It’s also about how you store them. 

For clothes that hang in your closet, the hangers that you choose to use make a bigger difference than you think. The right hanger can help your clothing keep its shape and last longer; the wrong hanger can do just the opposite. Are you choosing the righ...

Getting a week’s worth of laundry cleaned, dried, and folded is not an easy feat, especially if you have a family. It can easily take up a whole day. If your washing machine breaks down, it can throw a big wrench into your entire week. 

Unfortunately, even the most reliable washing machine is still a machine, and that means that parts wear out or become dama...

Finding and keeping a good resident is one of the biggest goals of a property manager or owner. Not only is having great residents who stick around for the long haul less of a nuisance, but it's also better for profits, too.

The opposite is also true; having to deal with a constant exodus of residents and actively market your property to continually fill the voids in...

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