New App is Live!

The new Tide Cleaners Dallas app is available now!

Here's what you need to know

Starting today you will see a new Tide Cleaners Dallas app! This change is part of our goal to continuously improve how you do business with us and we want to prepare you for what you will see when it happens. 

Switching Apps
When we actually cut over to the new app, you will be prompted to download it as you attempt to use your current version. It will be available in the App Store/Google Play on Wednesday, August 7th in case you choose to proactively replace your existing app. We will email you when it is available and provide a link in the current app to download the new version. Your current version of the app will no longer accept orders effective August 8th.

Logging In
All of your information will be saved when you transition to the new app. You will be able to login to your account using the phone number associated with your Tide Cleaners account.

Stored Credit Card Information
As a security measure, we will not transfer your credit card information to the new app. We’re committed to protecting your financial information, so while credit card information will not be exposed to anyone during this change, it does mean you have to update the information directly into the new app. 

Once you download the new app and login you will be required to enter your credit card information before placing a new order. One new feature is you’ll be able to store multiple credit cards in your profile. 

While financial information will not be transferred with your account, all of your existing preferences will appear when you log into the new app for the first time. This is a good time to review your setting for cleaning preferences and make any updates.

Existing Orders
Any orders placed during the transition period will be handled normally. You will receive the same email and text notifications informing you that your order is ready. All future orders will require downloading the new app.

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